Law office Takov

Commercial law

  • Registration in the Trade Registry and legal representation of trading companies. Preparation of the necessary documents also in english and german languages.
  • Registration of changes in the Trade Registry to keep it up to date. Establishment, transformation merging or liquidation of companies in Bulgaria and legal analysis of relevant issues.
  • Settlement of claims between companies arising from outstanding payments. Legal consulting and preparation of expert assessments with regard to European legislation according the commercial law and its transposition into domestic law.
  • Thanks to the long-term established partnerships with lawyers in Germany, we are able to assist for cross-border litigations with deptors in Germany, according to the European regulations /European order for payment and etc./.
  • We are offering services to corporate clients and individuals and we will help both in case of law suits (in court and pre-court stage) and at writing agreements or other legal documents as well as further legal issues. Our law office provides complex legal consultancy and management during the realisation of any form of transformation of companies.
  • Mr. Takov, who is also a sworn interpreter of German, support the preparation of documents in German language, which saves time and money.
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Civil law

  • Assistance by preparation of different kind of contracts as personal service contract, rental contract and etc.
  • Legal consulting and assistance by withdraw from the contracts.
  • Extrajudicial and judicial court representation by legal settlements with deptors. Enforcement measures - we apply for orders for payment and enforcement orders and/or enforce claims by way of an action.
  • Legal consulting and court representation by cases as unjust enrichment and tortious actions.
  • Purchase right - right of return; mail order business and product liability.
  • If you have any further questions and need legal assistance concerning this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Family law

  • In the sensitive area of family law relationships,we provide to our clients mainly the following legal services:
    1. Representation in contested and uncontested divorce cases; setting up of uncontested divorce settlements; legal advice on alimony issues;
    2. Legal relationships between parents and children.Paternity of the child(maternity and paternity);
    3. Custody of children and maintenance obligations;
    4. Legal advices and representation in cases, especially with international aspects;
    5. Arrangement of marriage contracts. We are going to check, if the signing of marriage contract is reasonable for you and will prepare it in accordance with the individual circumstances.
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Labour law

  • Labour law issues can arise irrespective of whether, if you are employers or employees.
  • Law office Takov is providing the following legal services:
    1. Preparation of employment contracts and advising on an existing employment relationships;
    2. Legal advices relating to the termination of employment contract;
    3. Legal advice and legal representation in labor law related disputes as terminations of contracts, dismissals, claims for damages, disciplinary sanctions und etc;
    4. Cross-border provision of services (posting of workers).
  • Thanks to the long-term established partnerships with lawyers in Germany we are able to assist for cross-border litigation with employers, which are headquartered in Germany.
  • We are of the opinion, that in a view of the increasing cross-border nature of the labour relationships, the knowledge of European legislative features is of exceptional importance by the right solution of the cases.
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Administrative law

  • As solicitors, we advise and represent you in front of authorities/institutions and in administrative procedures in all matters of the administrative law;
  • Legal advice and representation in procedure for issuing of administrative acts;
  • Legal remedy against administrative decisions and against the refusal for their approval;
  • Legal remedy against administrative penalties.
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Private international law

  • The recent processes of globalisation (not only) in Europe are the reason for the growing number of legal cases involving some foreign element (international contracts, business, operations and etc.).The applicable law is determined by the provisions of private international law or by the general rules of the European law. In the field of international private law, we offer legal consulting, representation in and out of court, especially for the following legal issues:
    1. Consultation about the judicial cooperation in civil matters in European Union - general provisions and special jurisdiction/Regulation(EU) No 1215/2012.
    2. Relationships between children and parents. International jurisdiction in the matters of parental responsibility under the Regulation (EC) 2201/2003.
    3. Enforcement of a foreign court decisions, pursuant to the rules of private international law and the provisions of the European law.
    4. International competence of the bulgarian courts.Labor law provisions, pursuant the rights and obligations of posted workers in Bulgarien und pursuant the bulgarian citizens as posted workers in other Member States.
    5. Cross-border contracts of sale. The agreement of the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods (Vienna Sales Convention). Preparation of contracts;Rights and duties of the contractors; Liability for non-fulfilment.
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Real estate

  • You plan to purchase a property in Bulgaria, but you are uncertain about this, which steps are required for lawful concluded contract? The property sales contract in Bulgaria must be concluded before a notary public, but before that must be prepared the documents and the necessary evidences concerning the legal status of the property.
  • If you are interested in purchase of property in Bulgaria, our law office will support you for each step on your way for desired property acquisition - not only the preparation of necessary documents, but also dutiful representation in front of competent institutions/authorities and in notarial procedure.
  • If you have any further questions and need legal assistance concerning this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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About us

It is not disputed that, in the last years, as a result of free movement of persons, guaranteed by the European community, exist more cross-border juridical cases. Taking this into consideration and on the basis of our academic experience , we always seek for the best solution for the cases in the area of the national and of the european law. Thanks to our close cooperation with colleagues from Germany, we have the possibility to support you by solution of cases in Federal Republic of Germany. The law office is located in Plovdiv, but we offer our services also in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia.You are welcome also for online consultation.

Radostin Takov,Attorney at law
Professional experience:
  • Registered lawyer in the Plovdiv Bar Association since 2016;
  • Mr. Takov has graduated in Law from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.
  • German.
  • Sworn translator with german language since 2011